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Moving Files in OSX

I have been resisting buying a Mac until the end of 2010 when I was working for a client that would have a VPN-configuration that simply would not play well with my Ubuntu. So when the time came to upgrade my laptop I decided to get a MacBook Pro. And of course I never regretted my decision.

Nowadays in my apartment there are 4 computers (5 if I count my Nokia smartphone):

  • The Macbook Pro
  • The Ubuntu / Hackintosh desktop computer (immensly powerful machine that one)
  • Ubuntu Laptop from Dell
  • iPad

And having 3 servers in the cloud and about 3TB of unused space I’ve become a backup-addict somehow. That means I am constantly pushing files around, so that computer A is backed up on computer B or server C and vice versa.

For some things I use Git-repos (I <3 Git), but in some cases I move around huge compressed and encrypted files (yes slight paranoia here) between computers using the OSX Finder.

Today, after 2 years of being a Mac user I finally found out how to MOVE files instead of copying (and then manually deleting) them.

Hold down CMD when you drag a file.

That’s it. Should have looked it up a long time ago. But better late then never.

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