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Attach a vCard to Your Emails

I received an email with an attachment the other day. It was a .vcf file and I tapped it. Immediately the dialog for adding new contacts popped up and I could just add this person to my address book. This is of course very convenient.

This is also not new (It’s probably been around longer than http), but somehow I have completely forgotten about it. Thus this post as a little reminder.

I have started attaching a vCard to my emails. But since GMail doesn’t allow me to add a file to my signature, I simply post a link to my vCard, which the user can click or tap to add me.

It looks like this:

I suggest everyone to add this to their signature. Convenience matters, in business and otherwise.

P.S.: Check out vCard Maker to easily create your vCard without having to type it yourself.

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