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Ember.js Code-Walkthrough (Video)

Because I was working a lot in the (Rails-) backend lately, I decided to find myself a small frontend-centered side-project that I could work on in my spare time. Because I think that Yehuda, Tom and the others are clever people, I chose Ember.js.

The idea was a small application for salespeople. And now, after a week, I am actually pleasantly surprised how little code I had to write to make it work.

However, I did have to really do a lot of digging through their docs, the ember-sources and ask silly questions on StackOverflow and in the emberjs irc-channel, in order to figure out how to make my app work. There isn’t too much good documentation available now, it seems. Even the Peepcode-tutorial (naturally) didn’t answer all my questions.

So I thought it would be good idea to make a little code-walkthrough video myself. To, hopefully, help the next guy or girl who wants to learn Ember.js.

So yes, here it is:

UPDATE: Contact me if you want a high resolution version of that video. I’ll send you a link.

Ha. I seem to sound a little Russian when I speak English!

And here’s the source-code if you want to download it.

I am obviously a total Ember.js-noob, so don’t take my word for it that I am doing things properly. (I am probably not.) Consider this a little snapshot of one man’s learning progress.

Perhaps I will write an update or make an updated video to show you new things I have learned.

I also have some links with regards to ember.js here.

EDIT: (March 26th , 2013)

I have reverted a merged pull request, because it introduced a bug. Example-App should work fine now.

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