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Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Video)

A few months ago I created an Ember.js video-tutorial. Some people were happy with it, which means I helped them to learn Ember.js. And this in turn, makes me happy.

So, because I had time today, I decided to create another one of these tutorials. This time it’s about the best web-development framework in the world, Java Server Pages.

I’m kidding. Of course it’s about Ruby on Rails.

Here is the video (click on link below for HD-link):

Click here to watch on Vimeo (HiDef-Version)

The code for the demo-application is hosted at Github.

I apologzie for the poor sound quality. I think you can still understand me though, so I didn’t record everything a second time.

Also, in the beginning I say I want to finish in 30 minutes. It’s almost twice the time.. Well, I had fun.

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