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Shady Opt-Out

In a post called “The Slippery Slope” the author talks about shady tactics by online-businesses. It’s mostly about UX that tries to hide/obscure certain things from the users. Things like “Sign up for our newsletter”, “buy a subscription” or “enable ad-tracking”.

The examples are great and it’s worth your time to read it.

As with most scams, some consumers will say “That’s nothing new. This has always be happening. Think about Nokia-ringtones in the 90s that would come with a subscription.”

True, but this is a nice reminder. And good examples make consumers more alert the next time they sign up for something.

Btw. even Apple isn’t excluded. They hide their “Ad tracking”-option in some obscure settings-submenu using unnecessarily indirect language in the option-label. Quite shady, Apple!

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