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Write to Explain and Be Brief

Do you think you know something? Then explain it to someone. Do you still think you know afterwards?

– A quote I just made up

I am a freelance programmer and sometimes there are periods without work. Currently is like that. Well, almost. I still have a running project, but it’s not full time so I have much more time available.

I am using the time to read. But from time to time I see a company that I like looking for programmers. They are usually foreign companies that offer remote work. This time I have sent three applications. One was ignored and the other two required me to do some sort of writing.

One said that the cover letter is key. I’m paraphrasing here: “Show us that you can write well. We judge your programming ability by your writing.” The other required me to write a project proposal.

The first one is still undecided but the second one was rejected. It wasn’t good enough. It lacked brevity and it didn’t demonstrate convincingly that I know the subject matter well.

Jobs or no jobs, I have decided to improve my writing.

For this reason I am planning to blog more. A lot more actually. Short brief posts about various topics.

The goal: Become a better writer. (In English, which is not my first language.)

Why? Well, to get jobs of course. Okay, that is at least a part of it. The other is trying to actually become a better thinker. And to live up to my teenage self. If you asked me what I want to be at the age of 18 I would have answered: A novelist.

Lofty goals. I will see how it goes.

And also this: I have no idea if someone will read those posts (I am not tracking visitors at the moment), but if they are good, someone eventually might.

That would be cool.

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