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Story Ideas 1

I write here to get better at writing, but let me also train my creativity muscle for fun.

In any case the Stephen King book which I’ve read recently has inspired me to come up with story ideas.

Maybe what I will type in a few seconds will be really bad, but hey, this is just a quick blog post. The fun part is that I will just start writing the first sentence and then, hopefully, the rest of the idea will write itself.

Let’s try.

Here we go:

The elected president of Ireland is fed up with superstition. He and his party ban all folklore from the school curriculum. As a matter of fact, a new law is passed: If you talk about elves and Leprechauns and so forth in public places such as bars or on Youtube, you can be fined up to 200 euros. Some however won’t have it. They rely on their folklore to sell their merchandise to tourists. So they come up with guerilla tactics that bring back the folklore into the mainstream. So they sabotage public holidays, paint fantasy graffiti and so on. They also uncover something very troubling about this president. He is not a human but an actual Leprechaun. So they are real after all! However, in order to survive the fantasy creatures need humans to forget about them. After this is discovered by the souvenir guerilla activits they face a choice to follow their profits or to protect the actual magical people. They split in two, a very angry leader decides to wipe them out once and for all, so he can forever sell the souvenirs. But through some magic and with the help of some children and a drunk (sorry for the clishee) old storyteller they manage to defeat him somehow. In the end the 21st century begins, everyone is a mobile phone zombie, constantly staring at Instagram and Tik Tok, but it is good. The fairtale creatures can at least live in peace for now.

Ok this has two weaknesses. One: I know nothing about Irish folklore and should definitely research before writing such a story. Also the alcohol clishee is bad. As a matter of fact, if I made such a story I would actually have no one drink in it at all. Secondly, it misses the explanation why the fairytale creatures want to be forgotten.

And where do the children and that old storytelling guy come from?

So many questions. But at least it’s a start.

Anyway, this is fun. I really just started with the first sentence and the rest wrote itself. I’ll do that more often to relax. Fun times. ☘️

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