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Getting Enough Sleep

In this post I don’t have any special idea in my mind to ramble about. This is just a “note to self”.

The message: Get more sleep.

I’ve been pushing myself hard lately. I’m not a big “you need routines” guy, but I do see their value. For instance getting a routine of writing these blog posts in place is great for exercising writing. For me anyway. But the problem is that I keep adding things onto my todo lists and my sleep schedule suffers.

A few days ago I actually slept so little that it lead to a lucid dream. You probably know what I mean. It’s a dream in which we know that we are dreaming. We are awake inside the dream. It was pretty wild. Interesting and trippy. But it came about because I slept to little and then fell asleep again and woke up soon after (and I guess, fell asleep again).

Long story short: My sleep schedule is messed up. This can’t be healthy.

On the other hand I don’t fall asleep watching Netflix or playing computer games. Lately I am pretty happy with what I do. I go to bed with a sense of accomplishment. (I won’t got into details on that however. Perhaps some other time.) This feels great.

But, alas, having to get up early does not.

I also think I drink way more coffee than the average person. (But I do not believe that too much coffee is bad for us. Unlike cigarettes or alcohol for example.)

And as you can probably tell, dear reader, I am quite tired now. But let me finish this post with something that just came to mind. Wow, a topic after all!

(Told you writing can take care of itself if we just start.)

The topic is pride.

Let me just ramble about pride for a second..

For a long time I didn’t get the concept of pride. What the big deal was. It seemed to be a bad emotion. Something like greed or envy. After all we are all the products of our genes and environment. What pride can we feel if we are, I don’t know, born smart or beautiful? Or if our parents or teachers taught us how how to behave properly so we are a success? Or if we got lucky playing some lottery? It’s not really our achievement. The universe kind of did that.

Well, to get it, I think we can choose to push ourselves really hard. I mean Arnold Schwarzenegger hard (“You start counting [reps] when it starts to hurt!”). Ok maybe not that hard..

But if we, for example, define some goals for ourselves and put a lot of tasks in our daily routine, and if we actually pull it off and do all what we promised ourselves we would do. Well, man (or girl), that feels pretty nice.

Yeah, I’m tired, but I feel good about myself right now. I actually did write something for the blog today.

I guess I’m a little proud of myself.


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