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Digital Books, Printed Books

A few years ago if you were into old formats and bought a vinyl LP, it would often include a download link for the digital version of the music. I don’t know if they still care to include that. With Spotify I mean. But I think it was a decent thing to offer. I do not think we should pay twice for the same content, just because the medium changes. If you own the DVD you should be allowed to download the 4K version.

(Or shouldn’t you? Ok, I’m actually undecided. For one, I don’t know how much extra work is required for creating the new version.)

Books however put us in the same situation. We can get the printed version or the digital copy. (Usually for the Kindle reader.)

Digital books are great. They weigh nothing, they come with a search function and a nice highlighting tool. We can change the font and its size. And we can read on our computers and then, seamlessly, switch to our ebook reader or smartphone. The reading position, the notes and highlights are always in sync. And perhaps best of all: Tapping defines or translates words.

Printed books on the other hand still feel better. And look better. We can decorate our homes with them. I love it when I visit someone and they have a bookshelf. The books on it are usually different from mine. It’s very interesting to get to know people this way.

I really enjoy having unread books around, too. It’s like having my own private book bazaar. When in the mood I can walk over and pick something new. Or something that I’ve read a few times before.

I wish we could get the LP deal with books. Buy the paper version and get the download for free. Even if it costs a little more, I would pay for that option.

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