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How to Lose Weight for Sure

There are so many products for weight loss. Pills. Shakes. Vitamins. Diets. Gym equipment. Actual gyms. With whole philosophies attached.

Yet it’s just a simple matter of eating less calories than we burn. Every day.

That’s it. Boom!

Like so many things in life, it really is that easy.

And here’s the kicker. Or a little extension. Our body will crave what we give it.

If we drink alcohol, we will want to drink more alcohol. If we smoke cigarettes, we will want to smoke cigarettes. If we eat at McDonalds, we will crave McDonalds.

If we eat healthy, we will… crave eating healthy.

Same goes for the amounts. When we reduce the amount of calories, we will be hungry for a few days. But each day a little less. Then it will stop. We will feel satiated.

Habits are really just a matter of making it through the first few few days.

The discomfort will go away.

We can rest assured.

The rest is psychology. For that my advice would be to define a goal.

P.S./DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor. I am sure there are conditions where the above does not apply.

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